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Graphic Design
RK Design Services is like a generous serving of Zuppa-inglese,
a popular, multi-layered, Italian Rum Cake.
RK is full stack designer with 20+ years of professional graphic & web design experience; producing websites, print and multimedia projects, tailored to a client's unique
market strategy. See Portfolio/Resume for more.

RK Design offers a full range of web design services, with 25 years of experience designing sites for corporations, government agencies and individuals.

Where to start? Simply call or click (859) 409-7453 or contact me for a free consultation and estimate. Please note: professional graphic & web design projects normally take several weeks to produce. Site-assist can have you up in a day.

Prices & Quotes

Requesting a Quote

Before you start, please plan what type of design you want and decide what your budget is. Keep in-mind that a project usually consist of multiple parts, which can be added on as one can afford them. Various payment plans are available. Feel free to ask about them.

Design Contracts

Contracts are important for large web projects to make sure that both parties agree on what is being delivered and when. It helps prevent any misunderstandings or expectations as the project develops.

  How Much Does A Website Cost?

There's a wide range of costs associated

with building a website. Depending on

how much work you're willing to do,

and how customized or complex you

want the design to be. One can go

the Do-It-Yourself route and spend

between $50 to $500 or hire pro-

fessionals and spend anywhere from

$500 to $10,000. Please read an article

from fitsmallbusiness.com for a good

overview. One should include costs for

web applications and recurring monthly

hosting costs by Internet Service Providers.

Design Resources

rubber cement

It's important for clients to be aware of the wide-range of design options available to them, in order for them to have a better understanding of how they want to present their product and/or service. This helps the designer to create more appropriate prototypes for clients to consider.

To review an online portfolio my work see www.rkdesign.us/portfolio

RK Profile

rk profile


Experienced in graphic design, desktop publishing and web design

Work History

Twenty plus years of Graphic/Web Design employment, creating corporate identity, print and web designs. Served as Art Director, Senior Designer and Consultant for various organizations and design studios.


College educated in traditional Graphic Design methodologies and techniques, earning an undergraduate Graphic Design Degree from the University of Cincinnati and graduate Graphic Design Degree from Yale University.

See on-line Portfolio/Resume for more.

My first User Interface (UI) design job pre-dates the internet

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to
do it"


rk profile

Contact Me

A phone call +1 (859) 409-7453 or email is all it takes.
RK Design is located within the Cincinnati metro area.
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